Sunday School

Sunday School is an integral and vital part of engaging and educating the younger generation in Christian life, the ministry, and service to others.“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6. Children need to be trained to go in the way of the Lord. The root cause for the unrest of the present generation is lack of such training. Sunday School is the ideal place to train children in Christian values.

9.45 AM – ­10.50 AM Every Sunday.


  • Preschool : Ages 3-4 ( Kindergarten)
  • Class 1: Ages 5-6
  • Class 3: Ages 7-9
  • Class 5: Ages 10-11
  • Class 6: Ages 12 – 13
  • Class 8: Ages 14 -16


Our Sunday school has been following the syllabus published by Children’s Educational & Charitable Institution.

Educators and Administrator:

  • Principal: Bro. Johnson Varghese
  • Preschool: Sis. Gloria Andrews, Sis. Binsi Raju
  • Class 1: Sis. Princy Joseph
  • Class 3: Sis. Feba Susan
  • Class 5: Bro. Godwin Ebenezer
  • Class 6: Sis. Moneesha Ann James
  • Class 8: Bro. Sam Thomas


  • Parents ­Teachers meeting: held semiannually , which focuses on the spiritual status and the moral growth of the child.
  • Vacation Bible School: One day program during summer holidays to study the word and have fun.
  • Sunday School Examinations: Conducted semiannually to hone the teachings we provide to the children.
  • Sunday school anniversary: Its an annual church get-­together where we encourage the presentation of spiritual values through different programs that are put on by the students. Prizes are awarded to winners of various competitions and scripture examinations.

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